Team God Wod Strong Testimonies

Enrique Hernandez

“I want to give a big thanks to God Wod Strong Apparel for sponsoring  me and giving me the opportunity to represent GWS and embracing Gods message whenever we go out there as a team and family in the Crossfit Competitions.”

Enrique Hernandez sporting In Jesus Name I Grind Mens  Crossfit Shirt.


crossfit competition

“I want to than God Wod Strong for supporting me as an athlete and keeping me motivated through them tough fights. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing sport. I LOVE IT!!.”

Omar Mejia sporting God Wod Strong Apparel.


nora lee camacho

“I am very proud to be sponsored by God Wod Strong, to be among-st others with the same passion. For what we do. Thank you for also giving us the best gear.

Nora Camacho sporting God Wod Strong Womens Tank.


To find out how to become a God Wod Strong sponsored athlete please contact us at.