Scrunch Leggings

Booty Scrunch Workout Leggings

Our Booty Scrunch Leggings are designed to look amazing, and feel even better. Not only are they designed for aesthetic appeal and comfort, they also won’t ever show what you’re wearing under the leggings. No matter how you bend or move in these, you can’t see through them.
Emphasize Curves

The way the scrunch bottom leggings contours the lines of the Glutes and Hips combined with angular camo design, emphasize your natural curves and hide the problem areas.
Most Comfortable Booty Scrunch

You won’t believe our scrunchy butt leggings it until you try them on. The softness of the leggings is unreal.
Non-Transparent Fabric

These scrunch bottom leggings are squat approved. Not only are they non-transparent when you bend or move, they also stay put. The band on the top isn’t too tight, but they hold to the hips great.

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